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Your New Home Studio

Barre + Bike + Breathe + HIIT


Highly curated exercise classes to change your body, head and heart. From targeted, full body small range of motion movements and isometric holds that will sculpt every inch of your body, to high intensity cardio exercises and sequences to strengthen the body and maximize calorie burn like none other.

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LIFT Barre > Yoga, barre and pilates combined into one powerful body sculpting class you will crave.

LIFT Bike > Riding to the beat of the music always makes working out easier and your day better.

LIFT Breathe > Using your breathe to flow through body opening and sculpting yoga flows and core exercises.

LIFT HIIT > High Intensity Interval Training designed to raise the heart rate and LIFT your body one interval and recovery period at a time.

Alignment. Function.

Each class, whether it be on a mat or a bike, sits on a foundation of alignment and function. How the body moves is just as important as moving it. Each pose, exercise, sequence is designed to ensure you build strength and flexibility that supports a healthy, happy body. Our low impact classes generate amazing results that will keep you LIFTing for as long you want!

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Your Life. Your Level.

No matter where you are in your practice, each day you step onto a mat or clip into a bike, that is where you start. Some days we wake up feeling awesome other days it’s a struggle to even think about exercising. You can decide what you need from your practice in any given moment as our teachers will provide home base, up level and down level options to keep the novice and the devotee equally engaged.

Your Studio. Our Classes.

Don’t have space in your home to carve out a sanctuary for fitness? Find that you aren’t ever alone? We get it! Sometimes we have to let go of what we don’t have and focus on what we do. You have us! Finding a space, any space to lay down your mat will work. And if your loved ones want to join you, let them. You never know when your actions inspire others so keep moving, no matter where you are.

Watch from anywhere

No television provider needed. Your favorite videos, available wherever you want.

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